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How Will You Get There?

Published on February 28, 2014 By Nicki Sanders

Gaining clarity about your wants and priorities is essential to success. It’s time to get out of your head and go from fuzzy ideas and wishful thinking to achievement. Setting goals helps you clarify what you want and what you need to do to accomplish it.


Write your goals (on paper or electronically). Putting your goals in writing is the primary action step toward making them realities. You will be able to see and celebrate your progress. Clearly written goals help you stay focused so don’t just write any old goal, take it a step further and write SMART goals.

SMART goals are:
(1) Specific – A specific goal has a much greater chance of being realized than a general goal.
(2) Measurable – Decide what criteria you will use to measure your progress and determine if you are staying on track
(3) Achievable – Goals should be attainable with available resources and important enough that you will stick with them
(4) Realistic – Goals should stretch you and challenge but be reachable
(5) Timely – Commit to a time frame or deadline

Have Fun and Get Healthy

Published on February 24, 2014 By Nicki Sanders

Here is another one of my truths.  I have the taste buds and eating habits of a five year old. I am a big fan of sugary snacks and don’t really like vegetables. Soul food and classic American diner cuisine are my weakness. Add this to the fact that I don’t exercise regularly and you get a few extra pounds creeping up over the course of a few years. Don’t stop the train and the pounds no longer creep – they show up at the front door with luggage in hand. Then there are those totally preventable diseases that litter my family tree like diabetes and high blood pressure – I am no longer inviting those into my future. I know I need to eat better and get active. Knowledge is not power in this instance. The power is in putting what I know into action. I’m not a dieter and probably never will be. I’m also not a “hit the gym” kind of girl. In the past I’ve walked a high school track and stopped eating as poorly (but didn’t make it to the point of eating well). I have no desire to go back to being “the skinny girl” but these extra pounds absolutely need to go. I am not going to declare that I will totally cut out junk food and carbs and exercise five days a week. I know myself well enough to know that it won’t happen – at least not at first. I am a proponent of playing to your strengths and achieving success on your own terms. In this instance it means getting healthy in my own way and my way is to play. I am purchasing a hula hoop and jump rope and hitting the roller skating rink. I know these are things I will commit to. Once I start to have more fun and build up my endurance I will add other activities and exercises to the list (like walking and Zumba).  I have important work to do and a long happy life to enjoy!

What Are You Fantastic At?

Published on February 19, 2014 By Nicki Sanders

Many interviewers still ask some form of the questions “what do you consider one of your weaknesses” or “what one area where you seek improvement is”. In my opinion, these are two very different questions. There are some things I’m fantastic at, some things I’m good at, and some things that I just don’t do well at all. I’m sure the same holds true for you. No one is perfect. We all have areas in our lives in which we can improve. The key is to know which things are important enough to work on and which things don’t warrant a third thought.


I Was Born For This!

Published on February 17, 2014 By Nicki Sanders

People almost always express one of two ideas when they find out that I have a Master’s degree in social work; (1) They think I’m a counselor or therapist; or (2) They think I snatch children from their families and put them in foster care. This isn’t an exaggeration. What comes to mind when you think of a Social Worker?


I presented a workshop earlier this month and was asked by a volunteer if I feel my social work education prepared me for my career in social work. My answer was that my life and professional experiences prepared me for my education. I’m going to take you back to my high school days to begin my explanation.


Here She Is!

Published on February 12, 2014 By Nicki Sanders

Packaged For Success specializes in personal empowerment, career development, program management, and youth investment. We help women reclaim their power, dream bigger dreams, achieve success on their own terms.


Today, I want to introduce the Packaged For Success logoHERE SHE IS!!Packaged For Success logoWhat do you think of our logo? I would love to hear your feedback.

(Our Packaged For Success website is currently under construction…stay tuned!)


Nicki Sanders, Chief Visionary Officer of Packaged For Success, helps both youth and adults discover their personal power, dream big, and achieve success on their own terms. Ms. Sanders is an experienced trainer, group facilitator, and program manager who holds a Master’s degree in Social Work. Ms. Sanders has over fifteen years of direct experience with diverse populations in residential, school-based, and community based agencies.

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Stop Hiding, Nicki Part II

Published on February 10, 2014 By Nicki Sanders

What are the last 3 compliments you received…from anyone? It doesn’t matter if your five year old told you how delicious dinner tasted, your significant other told you how great you looked in your little black dress, or your boss thanked you for always meeting deadlines ahead of schedule. Have you thought of the compliments? Now ask yourself how they truly made you feel. How did you respond in each situation?


Did you accept each compliment graciously? Did you give yourself a few seconds to take it in and own it or did you minimize your abilities or beauty? Most of us have to admit that even if we said thank you, we added a negative phrase to the end of the acceptance. Why do we do this? I believe one reason is that many women have been taught that humility is a virtue. Humility is defined as the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people. That’s the good part, right? Of course it is. Being humble or “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance” is the not so good part because you have lowered your self-worth. What we think affects how we speak and act. What we say affects what we think and how we behave.

Where Is The Real You?

Published on February 5, 2014 By Nicki Sanders

Authentic = not false or copied; genuine

Human beings are created to live in groups.  We are social creatures who want to be loved and accepted.  We live in a world that bombards us with its standards of beauty, success, and normalcy.  You may have been called odd or different more times than you care to remember but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to conform.  Don’t settle for being a carbon copy of someone else when you can be authentically you.


If you want to get more out of life, then it’s time to embrace your individuality and accept yourself for exactly who you are. Embracing your individuality doesn’t mean that there won’t be things within you that want to change.  Embracing your individuality means you see the real you, who is imperfect, but you know you’re still amazing. 


Let’s go beyond the superficial “beauty is only skin deep” and get to the root of what makes you uniquely you?