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I’m Nicki Sanders, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of The Teen Toolbox. I am a Mother, Entrepreneur, Writer, Youth Advocate, and Life Strategist. My passion for writing was sparked after I won an award for a safety slogan contest in elementary school. Since that time, I have been writing personal letters, poems, stories, and greeting cards for family and friends. In 2003, I began writing bimonthly newsletters for the three generations of women in my family. These newsletters allowed me to share my thoughts while doing something that she loved and that came naturally – writing. In 2007, I turned my passion for learning and sharing knowledge into a thriving business venture when I launched The Teen Toolbox youth development and life skills consulting company.

I always did well in school.  In fact, I was even Salutatorian of my high school class. Despite having good grades and supportive family and teachers, I only had vague ideas of what I wanted out of life. I didn’t have concrete goals or a plan of how to achieve the wishes I was holding on to. Because of my lack of focus, I fumbled through the college application and job search process in my senior year of high school and learned many, many things by trial and error (for years to come by the way).  I began my undergraduate experience without ever attending a college fair or college tour and landed a job with the help of a relative.

After giving birth to my daughter in my sophomore year in college, transferring schools at the end of my junior year, putting in untold hours of volunteer time (which is a another passion of mine), working various low-wage jobs, acquiring student loans, and mastering sleep deprivation, I finally earned my Bachelor’s degree from Trinity College and Master of Social Work degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore.

I have been employed in the human services field for fifteen years. My career path and personal connections allowed me to gain insider knowledge of school-based programs and services in four local school systems. My professional expertise also includes case management, advocacy, facilitating youth and adult groups, volunteer management, and crisis intervention. I love program planning and development as well as event planning and community development. I love to read and I love helping others.  I have been able to tap into the strategies I utilize to keep myself motivated and on task and express them in the programs and services offered by The Teen Toolbox.

The Teen Toolbox was created to give youth the tools to take charge of their lives and to live life on purpose. I incorporate both my personal and profession experiences into the heart of The Teen Toolbox services. I aspire to be a support and a resource for teenagers and help youth establish connections and recognize and take advantage of the opportunities around them.  I believe that “teens need opportunities to succeed and recognition for a job well done.”

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Nicki Sanders is a Social Work Professional, Mentor, Youth Advocate, and Life Skills Expert. Contact her at 301-744-8018  for service and project inquiries.


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