Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Welcome back to our Get Hired job search blog series.  Today is day 23 and I would love to know how the puzzle pieces are fitting together for you.


Question of the Day: Why do you want to work there?

There are a few standard interview questions that are asked in some form at most interviews.  Always practice your interview answers but understand that there will be questions that are unique to the position, company, and interviewer you are meeting with.


Job search tip #22: Prepare answers to questions and questions to ask

Always research the company before an interview.  If your interviewer wants to chat keep the focus on broad, cultural events and not controversial topics. Be conscious of questions meant to encourage you to lower your guard or confess to something you will feel uncomfortable sharing.  Take the opportunity to ask questions to determine if the job fits your career goals.  Asking the right kinds of questions shows the interviewer that you are serious about the opportunity to join their company.


You May Be Asked:

  1. Please describe your ideal supervisor
  2. What makes you the best person to fill this position?
  3. Tell me about the most challenging work situation you had to overcome.
  4. Describe your work style or work ethic.
  5. What job duties do you like least?
  6. Why did you choose this industry/career?


You May Want To Ask:

  1. How will I be evaluated in this position?
  2. Why is this position vacant?
  3. What qualities will allow your ideal candidate to succeed in this position?
  4. What do you enjoy most about working here?
  5. Is there anything else about my qualifications that you would like to know?
  6. What is the next step? When do you think you will be making a decision?


Stay tuned for job search tip #23 tomorrow.


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