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Capri Cruz, Author, Speaker, Foster Care Alumni and Activist

December 6, 2012

Humbly answering the call to inspire and uplift our nation’s foster children, Capri Cruz shares her life story with Nicki Sanders, The Teen Toolbox Founder.  Looking at her life today, you would never guess the humble beginnings of this motivational speaker and two-time author. Capri Cruz began her life in the projects of New York City but moved to Virginia after her parent’s separated. She entered foster care at seven years old. During the six years that Capri Cruz was in foster care she was in nine different homes.  She lived with one family that was very dear to her heart from the ages of ten to twelve.  At age thirteen, her father moved her back to New York to live with her paternal grandfather.  Capri lived in fear for two years as she was abused and locked up by her grandfather.  At the end of that second year, Capri met a guy who helped her run away from her grandparent’s home.  After dropping out of school and various short-term stays with friends and a boyfriend, Capri and her brother agreed to move to St. Thomas.  When Capri called her former foster mother to say goodbye, she was invited to return to the family in Virginia in order to graduate high school. 

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