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Nikki J, Author, Entrepreneur, Foster Care Alumni

December 4, 2012

Nikki J. is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who “grew up” in the foster care system in Ohio.  At a very early age, Nikki J. was caring for herself and her four siblings.  The instability and lack of proper adult supervision resulted in the children’s placement in foster care before Nikki J.’s seventh birthday.  She was labeled defiant and stubborn but she believes that she was merely a street savvy child with a dominant personality who asked a lot of questions.  Young Nikki J. experienced the stability she sought while living with a suburban Caucasian family for two years but also suffered abuse while in their care.  Nikki J. loved to read and the local library was her retreat at that time.  During our interview, Nikki J. detailed the culture shock and teasing she experienced beginning at the age of nine when she was adopted by an abusive African American woman who lived in an urban neighborhood.  At age fourteen Nikki J. was placed back in foster care.  She was shuffled through thirteen different placements, including foster homes and group homes, before her fifteenth birthday.  

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